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John Mason Neale 1818 1866

John Mason Neale 1818 1866
Holy John Mason Neale strict a lot of living hip less than 50 duration of life! A priest, scholar, playwright, translator, compiler, hymnodist, altruistic for the plight of indigent women and girls, and founder of a dedicated order, the Sisters of St. Margaret, Neale was untutored in London. In his nimble life he did snooty than any other personal to make the lush bequest of Greek and Latin hymns here and there in to his own and subsequent generations.

Between his works are "Medieval Hymns and Sequences, Hymns of the Eastern House of worship", "Liturgiology and House of worship Records", and a 4-volume observe on the Psalms. His chant compositions shelter "The Day of Resurgence", "All Splendor, Speak well of and View", and "Art Thou Weary?"

Fine hair with Alexander Prospect and Benjamin Webb, Neale formed the Camden Introduction in 1839, in the manner of in the public domain as the Ecclesiological Introduction. They whispered that by using House of worship re-enact in conjunction with the attachment of Gothic architecture, England brawn rescue the dedicated recuperation of the Core Ages. In one of the society's new type, they say: "We know that "[medieval] "Catholick ethics gave stand for to Catholick architecture; may we not coming that, by a flattering of wrong way up operate, organization with Catholick architecture leave jump stand for to Catholick ethics?" The Ecclesiologists really whispered that medieval people were "snooty spiritually-minded and less worldly-minded" than population of the modern world, and that it was their job to help return England to its former attachment.

John Mason Neale died at age 48 on the formal meal of the Transfiguration in 1866.