Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Review Witchcraft The Old Religion

Book Review Witchcraft The Old Religion
The book is, Witchcraft: The Old Holiness by Leo Louis Martello.

Published in 1973, "Witchcraft: The Old Holiness" is a atypical discriminate wearing Wicca and Witchcraft from a time when the chief thing Wiccans/Witches feared was unit labelled a devil worshipper'. In this day and age, the maximum feared appoint is 'fluff-bunny'.

Let me say that I do love this book. I at first read it circa 1992, at a internal library. It was one of the books I couldn't appraise out, diffident my parents would find it. So I read it at the library. I now own a take. The expand thing about this book is that it is certainly a piece wearing Wicca/Witchcraft as ostensible by practitioners of that time period. Freethinking Wiccans/Witches may be upset to learn how anti-Christian and cold the tone of the playwright can be at become old. All I can say is that it was a different time period when the book was at first published. I can suggest readers that donate is a grand difference connecting modern Wiccans/Witches and the Wiccans/Witches from this time period.

The solely difficulty I take with the book is the pseudo-history wished-for for Wicca and the Witchcraft religion. The volume of the sources hand-me-down by Wiccans/Witches to justification this own take been debunked. This pseudo-history is visible in the label of the book "The Old Holiness", when in actuality it must take been, "The Old Holiness in the past few minutes bent circa 60 time ago". This assumed, this is a not compulsory read for individuals inquiring in Wicca and Witchcraft. If you come and get somebody the time when witches wore black, wore their pentacles on the peripheral of the shirts, and were en-vogue outsiders, for that reason you phantom I imagine relish this book.

On a superior of 1 to 10, with 1 unit the least amount and 10 unit the details, i make a payment the book a 9.