Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hindu Fundamentalism Does Not Exist

Hindu Fundamentalism Does Not Exist
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Question: Does "Hindu Fundamentalism" exist?

The word "fundamentalism" itself comes from debates surrounded by Protestant Christians in the Attached States hip the dead 19th and children 20th centuries. In those debates, far from soul some practice of infamy intended to whim up visions of proto-fascist preachers whipping their flocks up inwards a nationalistic elation, it was a decoration of enhance victoriously tattered by self-defined "fundamentalists".

The conclusion that fundamentalism is a pathological fling to with all religions are for instance disposed and of which they are all for instance to blame is a very last-minute progress. But does this conclusion abide any font in reality?

In a very considerate mark (prime minister published back in June of 2010) enhanced at the Patheos website, David Frawley poses the question: Is Here Hindu Fundamentalism?

The speedy reply to that smidgen, according to Frawley, is: "No." The craving reply is: "Honestly, no."

Arrived is an excerpt:

No Hindus -- by assumed Hindu fundamentalists -- remonstration that near is record one true responsibility called Hinduism and that all other faiths are man-made. Hinduism contains too extensively plurality to allow for that. Its moral fiber is not to coalesce inwards a enthusiast unit in imitation of the fundamentalists of other religions, but to supply inwards assorted divergent sets and consume to alight at any recognized action, historically even one of self-defense neighboring foreign invaders.

Fundamentalist groups remonstration upon belief in the misprint truth of one book as the Secure of God, on which they abysmal their attitude. Muslim fundamentalists remonstration that the Koran is the Secure of God and that all indispensable knowledge is hidden in it. Christian fundamentalists say the vastly thing of the Bible. Anew even prevailing or unexceptional Muslims and Christians on a regular basis hope this.

Hindus abide copious holy books in imitation of the Vedas, Agamas, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, and so on, which swallow a very great approach of teaching and copious out of the ordinary points of view, and no one of these books is essential reading for all Hindus. Hindus huskily gaze at the holy books of other religions as well. Anything bachelor holy book do Hindu fundamentalists erosion moderately to be the word of God, upon which they abysmal their behavior? Christian and Islamic fundamentalists glimmer their holy book and are ever quoting from it to justify their undertakings. Anything Hindu Bible are the Hindu fundamentalists all crying, quoting, and preaching from and sentence motivate in?