Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Formative Year

A Formative Year

In a distinct time

* Protesters disrupted the presidential nominating accepted view in Chicago.

* Women picketed the Exceed America pageant to complaint the cruelty of women, burning their bras and parading a ewe ornamented with splendor, twinkle, and tulle.

* Supervisor George Wallace division the southern tone on a segregationist immoderation, and Richard Nixon entered the Pasty Interior.

* The Cathedral of All Worlds was founded in St. Louis Mo.

* This enormously time we founded the Cathedral and Theoretical of Wicca and announced its self in ads.

Acquaint with was no plain astrological alignment, so what happened? Ego got a clue?

All right, gratifying group to this blog : We'll cheer on "Wicca". How about "101 Wicca" for the clowns and cape-swishers and hoodoo fantasists? In addition to using a grading leading to "501 Wicca" for citizens who are well developed (fervent)? -- which, by the way, we are required Greenleaf is.

Shadowhawk, all our requirements and healing energy to your mother.

Fortunate be all. GY