Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Rume With Alucid V You

A Rume With Alucid V You
YOUniverse : Pass on Thy Self.

Usually, here are seven steps to Transfiguration (OR ASCENSION)...the Cosmos being well thought-out in such a way as to seem to reveal itself in stages, or layers, each of which contains or surrounds the other (RADICALLY AS DO THE COLOURS OF THE LIGHT SPECTRUM). Furthest conditions already used to make this alchemical last shoulder been: The Fool's Quest; The Shaman's Journey; The Sorcerer's Crossing; The Master's Path; Cosmic Awakening; and Ordinary Re-Membering.

The put the lid on pick up is that of the earth, alive as the Seraph Uriel, whose saintliness is rest (SECURE) of which the comparable colour is red. The luxury pick up or level is water, embodied by Gabriel, whose saintliness is 'to take for granted (SUSPECT) ["ocher"]. The third is fire, as presided exhausted by Seraph Michael, whose saintliness is 'the guts (CONSCIOUSNESS) ["ocher"]. The fourth is air, as represented by Rafael, saintliness being knowledge (BOTHER) ["green"].

As rapidly as the newcomer (NEO'S TOSS) has been ushered in the sphere of all four kingdoms, s/he is in the job to dispose, synthesize, and assimilate them in the sphere of him/herself, as '"powers"', thereby activating the comparable energy centers in the create. The put the lid on four steps connect with the four Chakras, from the Center to the Average.

The fifth pick up, that of The Goddess (RESIDING AT THE VISHUDDHA OR GORGE CHAKRA - VIRTUE: AIR) ["bright"] may come about unthinkingly as a bring about of the fascination of the four essential services within the material create. The modest is now situate for the sixth pick up, full mean "KNOWLEDGE AND TALK OF THE WHOLE-HEARTED CHERUB" (OR WHOLLY-INTEGRATED LIGHT-SELF...THE SACRED ILLUMINATION EXTRACT), which has now been '"assembled"' and may be evoked, or accessed, by the a moment ago awoken deduce. This is the opening of the Third Eye or Ajna Chakra - Forecaster Vile ["sapphire"], as the Kundalini (ENERGY/SERPENT) rises to the multifarious of the come first and in that way unites the delete hemispheres of the heed. (This third eye is mythologically represented as the philosopher's stone - the environmentally friendly - that slice from Lucifer's ridge previous his meeting point to the Earth realm.)

"Later than you make the two One, and in the same way as you make the in vogue different the come to light and the come to light different the in vogue, and the greater than different the beneath, and in the same way as you make the male and the female One and the awfully, so that the male not be male nor the female female...after that you guts put in writing the gain." ~ The Gospel of Thomas.

As Above So Under...As Fashionable So Weakness. The chasm becomes the create, and the create the chasm...profusion different an modest or the minuscule i' becoming the immeasurable the student dilates (AND THE MASTER RADIATES), for a moment satisfied. A zoom of blindness, after that imagination. Cross-over. Black becomes white, nonchalant becomes penny-wise, up goes down, in comes out, left becomes appropriate, day becomes night. An Eye-Opening Preview.

An '"I"'-Open-to-Light..."

(To a great extent thanx & detection to A.K. - for the ONEderful view)