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Why God Warns

Why God Warns

Our Blood relation who is within us

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Your wisdom come.

Your will be done,....

Re-imaging God is very Lutheran...


...Images of the Divinity help to break the say of "male enclose" that has fashioned our images not distinct of God, but of all demonstrating power in the deep space.

--Quotations found on the utmost webpage of Ebenezer/herchurch ELCA Lutheran

...[I]f you flat estimate the Developing Cathedral move forward poses no hassle to your teens furthermore you gravely stipulate to cuddle your spiritual lead examined...

--Pastor Ken Silva, commenting on Ebenezer/herchurch*

Split up 5: Provision for Sufferings

Idolatry in our point is expeditious on the ascent -- IN the churches! Idolatry is not distinct tolerated, but it is single usual, patronized, mainstreamed, marketed, and set up as a hip effigy for the new-style Blossoming Evangelicals. Christian believers cuddle certified themselves to be lured indoors soft-core idolatry, which delights the rationalize, charms the mind and, finally, corrupts the chutzpah. God will not say yes such idolatry, but He is sporting to spill the beans folks who are full in it.

Why does God warn? John Flavel, in his classic work** Provision for Sufferings, outlines three reasons why God warns previous His judgments:

1. To persevere with the operation. Why does God spill the beans, but to help his people perfect in such a way that it muscle persevere with the operation of judgments? Flavel cites Amos 4:12: "Hence as a result will I do unto thee, O Israel: and what I will do this unto thee, perfect to pleasing thy God, O Israel." Being the modern church no longer believes in Hell or God's judgments, they will not possibility attention God's warnings. Other than, God warns them. Advisory of the rage to come may lead people to bring shame on, distress and persevere with the operation of savor, such as Jonah's standard to Ninevah:

This Jonah knew to be the Lord's meaning,... worldly wise, that if upon standard complete they repented, the sporting charm of God would openly balmy indoors humanity better them, and free luxury would make him set in motion as a liar;... Jonah 4:2.

2. To make the judgments especially cheap. Christ demurely forewarned his disciples of the irritation to come and "gave them fair standard... John 16:4." Flavel explanation that

methodical evils are minute allowance so close by as folks that come by surprisal;... so the anticipate of judgments previous they befal us, make them less chilling and onerous than extremely they would be, the species having inured and standard itself to them, by be condescending idea, and planned and ready become hard itself to take delivery of them, as Paul did in my copy [Acts 21:13].

3. To hurl the confirmed indefensible. One cannot flirt hope with idolatry previous becoming wrapped up. Subsequent to prisoner they become confirmed. Hopeless people are "bad higher than chastise or renovate, waterproof to constraints or chastisement, willful, niggling, disorganized." They cuddle "no parody of sin, nor care to persevere with ruin... no cloke for their folly at whatever time judgments go beyond them," says Flavel, quoting the first part of Jeremiah 13:21: "Being droop thou say at whatever time he shall beat thee?" Paraphrasing this Scripture, Flavel says that God is asking

Being cover, or release is not here thee, following so frequent fair warnings and auspicious premonitions? Thou canst not say, I cuddle staggered thee, or that thou was defunct previous thou wast warned. Thy destruction in this way is of thyself.

The Truth:

It is a sober piece of mail to observe that God is fervently sounding warnings to our point. Order we repent? Be disappointed begins in each point chutzpah, the especially place where idolatry can stopover and be idle and breed. Ezekiel 14 warns that:

In addition to came multinational of the elders of Israel unto me, and sat previous me. And the word of the Noble came unto me, saying, Son of man, these men cuddle set up their idols in their chutzpah, and put the stumblingblock of their morality previous their face: prerequisite I be enquired of at all by them?

Hence speak unto them, and say unto them, Hence saith the Noble GOD; Every one man of the residence of Israel that setteth up his idols in his chutzpah, and putteth the stumblingblock of his morality previous his item, and cometh to the prophet; I the Noble will pure him that cometh according to the mass of his idols; That I may ramble the residence of Israel in their own chutzpah, what they are all separated from me prepared their idols.

Hence say unto the residence of Israel, Hence saith the Noble GOD; Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols; and turn away your faces from all your abominations. For every one of the residence of Israel, or of the stranger that sojourneth in Israel, which separateth himself from me, and setteth up his idols in his chutzpah, and putteth the stumblingblock of his morality previous his item, and cometh to a judge to enquire of him on the order of me; I the Noble will pure him by Myself: And I will set My item in opposition to that man, and will make him a sign and a saying, and I will cut him off from the midst of My people; and ye shall know that I am the Noble. (Ezekiel 14: 1-8)


1. Bury of John Flavel (6 vol set), Flag of Exactness Optimism (1820, 1968), ISBN 0-85151-060-4. Flavel's broadsheet well-bred "Provision for Distress, or The Acme Be successful in the Definitive Era" appears in Manuscript 6, pages 3-83.

2. Jonah 4:2 states: "And he prayed unto the Noble, and expected, I pray thee, O Noble, was not this my saying, at whatever time I was yet in my country? Hence I fled previous unto Tarshish: for I knew that Thou art a sporting God, and charitable, sagging to infuriate, and of athletic central part, and repentest Thee of the evil."

3. John 16:4 reads: "But these personal effects cuddle I told you, that at whatever time the time shall come, ye may celebrate that I told you of them. And these personal effects I expected not unto you at the beginning, what I was with you."

4. "Inured" major "to notify to burden, clash, ordeal, etc.; wear away or harden; habituate." From

5. Acts 21:13 is the copy upon which Flavel's Provision for Sufferings is based. It reads: "In addition to Paul answered, Being mean ye to cry and to break mine heart? for I am become hard not to be jump distinct, but along with to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Noble Jesus." See Split up 1 for frontwards meeting on this copy.

6. Setting down from

7. "Cloke" is an out of date form of the word "keep under wraps." In this parody it major they cuddle no sleeve, rationale or deception for their sin that could protect them from the Lord's savor. See:

8. Flavel cites two verses something like, Jeremiah 13:21-22: "Being droop thou say at whatever time He shall beat thee? for thou hast taught them to be captains, and as leader better thee: shall not sorrows ramble thee, as a woman in travail? And if thou say in thine chutzpah, 'Wherefore come these personal effects upon me?' For the greatness of thine morality are thy skirts open, and thy heels ready evacuate." The context of these verses is the episode at whatever time the Noble asked Jeremiah to travel to the watercourse Euphrates and deposit a linen girdle, which at whatever time it was retrieved some time end was found to be "marred" and "money-making for minute allowance" (verse 7). The Noble furthermore told Jeremiah that "This evil people, which destroy to grasp my words, which trek in the vision of their chutzpah, and trek following other gods, to run them, and to worship them, shall even be as this girdle, which is good for minute allowance" (verse 10).

* THE Developing Cathedral AND THE NEW EVANGELICAL Inclusive FUTURE: EBENEZER LUTHERAN Cathedral - "HER" Cathedral, May 7, 2007,

**ED. NOTE: We cuddle hard trivial liberties to reformat some of the published copy by altering some of the punctuation, Roman numerals, and other out of date forms.