Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Prayer To The Morrigan For A Deceased Loved One

Prayer To The Morrigan For A Deceased Loved One
This is an original Prayer I wrote exclusively working with The Morrigan as the Goddess of Death and Birth. This is primarily for The Morrigan in her Crone aspect (she is often seen as a Triple Goddess). I wrote this today as my Great Uncle passed away. It is a Prayer I made for him so that The Morrigan may take his Soul into Summerland and then into Heaven.

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An image of The Morrigan.PRAYER TO THE MORRIGAN FOR A DECEASED LOVED ONEThe Morrigan, mighty and strong, take up my loved one on your wings. Take them up to the Summerland and to Heaven safely and soundly. May they climb onto your house as your ride them away into the Light. Take their Soul upon your wings.Blessed Be Thee, Morrigan. Safely return them back to life if it is to be. Goddess of Death and Birth, let my loved one know we will meet again. Take my messages to them. Merry we meet and merry we part. Amen.