Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Musicians Can Use Magic To Increase Success

Musicians Can Use Magic To Increase Success
If you are a musician and you want to increase your chances for success and fame, here is one way you can do so.

This is a magic spell that is very old school, where you are going to the crossroads and making a mojo hand. What you want to do is go to the cross roads with your instrument and also take with you various herbs. Five Finger Grass for skill, Dragons Blood for power, a small load stone for attraction so that you can draw peoples attention. A John the Conqueror Root so that you can overcome all and have his luck and skill. Bring those with you to the crossroads, (a place where to roads cross). Go at night and set up a place where you can hang out at the crossroads, and start playing your instrument. Play it from your heart, you don't have to have a set piece. Just play it. Play it for the fun of it. As you do that, pray and call out to the spirit of the crossroads for his aid. Once you feel that you have got his attention, he'll either appear, or you will know that he is there.

You can do this over the course of several days, traditionally 13 days or 9 days in a row, 7 days in a row.

In this witchcraft magic ask for his blessing and assemble yourself a mojo hand. Put in a little bit of the dirt from the crossroads right into that mojo hand, put it in with your loadstone, John the Conqueror Root, Five Finger Grass, Dragons Blood Resin, and then feed this mojo hand with a mix of Crown of Success oil, and Look Me Over. The reason why you use Look Me Over is because this will help you break out of your shell and start drawing that attention. You want producers and agents to walk by and think there is something about that guy. And thats what Look Me Over will do for you. Crown of Success will insure that no matter what you do, all your works will be crowned with success. That you will be able to reach the penticle of your career. So get that mojo hand going and invoke the power of the crossroads.

The second witchcraft magic thing you can do to let go of the restrictions of the past, you can work with the 2nd pentacle of Jupiter from the Seals of Solomon. Print it out and write on the back of it all your desires. Something like 'I want to no longer be restricted,"what ever that was in my past that was holding me back, I want to let all of that go'. This is a great seal for acquiring riches, but also success and a calmness of the mind and helps to ease any of the worries that have kept you from moving forward in the past. Take that and set it under a orange candle dressed in Van Van, and light it. This will turn things around and cleanse any of the negativity that you might have had in the back ground and any type of that negative self talk that might have kept you from success. This combination should really help you succeed.

By Conjureman Ali, on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Hour.