Friday, January 11, 2013

A Simple Phosphenetic Magical Act

A Simple Phosphenetic Magical Act
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Informative. In my dream last night, the payment salty was cold under "bulldoze" and consequently liberated all the rage the uncaring sea, culminating in "seeing" a bombardment in my dream "which materialized" in physical fidelity. This is uncontrollable when earlier I went to bed last night, I posted about phosphenes as they harness to magical alphabets. Currently, to add a cover to the phosphene eccentric, I googled phosphenes and found out that the highest run of the mill type of phosphene is called a bulldoze phosphene.

You know what? I did rub my eyes on one occasion as I was typing the appearance on the neurophysiology of magical alphabets. I theorize this makes abrasion my eyes earlier snoozing a indispensable magical act now.

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