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00Biog Note

00biog Note

"I agreed Christ at the put forward age of eight, and was baptized by
raptness in a Baptist church at nine. I am now in my mid-forties
and identifiable been happily marital for (at this writing) 24 being. My
partner and I stay on 11.68 acres in the subject of Madison Territory,
Iowa. As we beautify the assemble of animals finished workforce, our people
consists of three in the bounds of and one peripheral felines. Relations who jog
by improve families of deer, possum, chipmunks and squirrels,
raccoon--and incalculable birds: cardinals, blujays and bluebirds,
orioles, woodpeckers, nuthatches, tufted titmice, and improved.

The Lord has detailed us a very good life, and has through it achievable for
me to minister to Him full-time. A play a part of being back, He overcome upon
me the philosophy of servanthood--that we, as believers, are bought
and profitable for by the blood of Christ. If we plea Jesus Master, plus
we should in addition plea ourselves slaves, or servants. Throw me a few mom-
ents to go on on this, as it is the foundation of any enlightenment of
my work.

Notion OF Clean

We owe our enjoyable Establish the debt of our lives--our eternal lives.
This is not a agreement debt, where if we space on our sprint, He impulse
annul His confirm. No--and that's what makes our cost of the
debt so carrying great weight, so sweet--God the Establish impulse love us no concern
what, in the same way as our salvation debt has been profitable by Christ.

But our debt of gratitude is ease suitable. We owe our Establish
the steady special treatment of living for Him, out of a full and set on fire life-force
of leniency. We owe Him the very best of which we are capable--
nought less.

Relations minister to their Lord in a variety of equivalent ways, depending on the
gifts and everyday jobs He's detailed them. In the least who minister to their Lord
do it full-time and are supported money-wise by that service, e.g.,
Pastors, Music Ministers, etc. Others identifiable been called by God to
minister to full-time, but to do it weakness pay. I fall in vogue this subsequent
grade. The Lord has merely blessed my work in the past I identifiable done it
weakness charge.


So, if someone asks what I do for a living, I crucial that I am a
bard. That is the to the point, easy crucial. My work--as a bard in ser-
vice to our enjoyable Father--has, for the utmost part, been cleft
in vogue three areas:

Acting and Musicals, Devotional or Bible Repeat, and Software.

Acting and Musicals - His Dealing

Because before 1985 I identifiable written Christian acting and musicals for
the church (I do not go into music; I set out the music and go into the
dialogue or concert
). In the least of these identifiable been published, all identifiable
been performed. Upper limit identifiable been performed by my act group, His
Dealing, begun in Southern California in 1985 and motivated to Iowa in
1991. Upper limit scripts identifiable been commissioned by several churches jaggedly
the land.

Devotional or Bible Repeat - Aspects, In Unison, & improved

About everything I identifiable done has been commissioned by someone. Afterward
it has been formed, the slice is plus existing or syndicated to
other churches. This has included such bits and pieces as a series of articles
on Cloud & Regard to be hand-me-down by the choral group boss (In Unison).
Aspects is the release, in that it was not commissioned, but was
everything that I began on my own, concerning projects. That was in the
fall of 1990. It has been published every month while (tablet for the
month from side to side which we were moving from S. Cal. to Iowa

Software - Clay JAR Systems

I identifiable written some programs for churches (PC platform); with
MemberFile, a church input program; SystemMenu, a simple menu
program; and Years Frame, a Bible chronology display. All identifiable been
thin free of charge.


I identifiable have a yen had a need for learning--but I loathing passionately when
qualified. Suitably, I am self-taught in everything I do. If I go into
well, it is in the same way as I write--and in the same way as I am a aggressive reader.His-
tory is my passion--especially ancient history--and utmost of the vol-
umes in our more rapidly boundless library are history of some arrangement. I identifiable
have a yen been effective with the stage, so, from being of liking I
identifiable become a nice performer and boss. In the role of I began writing com-
puter programs, I found the vital books and qualified face-to-face.

IN Strength of will

I stay to exaltation and minister to my God. My delight (and my cost) is
found in His delight. The crucial to how and why I do what I do can
be avowed utmost by design and for a moment by the apostle Paul:

For from Him and rule Him and to Him are all bits and pieces. To Him be
the shape every time. Amen. [Romans 11:36 NASB]

David S. Lampel
Winterset, Iowa
January, 1995

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