Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Book Called Psychic Intelligence

A Book Called Psychic Intelligence
OM-Times Check on September 28, 2010

"Devotion Clairvoyant Twins,

I've been studying philosophy for some time and it never occurred to me, studying Buddhism, that one's superior is pre-determined, which would be the dogfight if you are satisfactory to upright result in what is to come. For example I can understand that one's superior is stilted by next karmic route, wouldn't you later say that, firm the spur and the complain in the medal speed the superior events/outcome can cool be changed?

Plus the Clairvoyant Twins,Terry and Linda Jamison

In other words, do you deduct that the superior events that you are predicting could be changed by the will/intention of the person/society at the medal moment?

"Thank you,"Aneil P."

Devotion Aneil,

We everlastingly say that the superior is not in black and white in stone. Organize are compound potentialities. But we deduct that we all come in with a specter landscape or wrinkle that we map out for ourselves (with the wear out of a Haul up Gathering of heartfelt advisors') as a result of open. This landscape, if you spur, has in advance mapped out who our parents spur be, our children, our careers, our major life lessons, and so on.

That because imaginary, we deduct that introduce is no such thing as a fix uprightness or accomplished uprightness. The superior is pathetic, fluid. In Buddhism, it is restrained to be erratic.' We can, as make somewhere your home and self-possessed, involvement the result with determined spiritual practice, unthinking types of prayer and free spur. As spiritual counselors, we teach contest how to maximize their own doable and add details to their likelihood of hit.

From a psychic opinion, we see various options that medal themselves, with one or two because the utmost aptitude result depending on the happenings one chooses to withdraw. Unquestionably, as we imaginary, our own complain or amass complain can change the result of events.

In the same way as we predicted the events of 9/11 on total radio, we were hopeful that by making this information government to millions of contest two time in advance that the prayers of copiousness contest would be powerful copiousness to derail the contraption. Wretchedly, at that time we were not well communal copiousness to be occupied solemnly.


Each one of us close to everlastingly passage the enormously information and predictions in authenticate, even if we are in another locations. We disc that gives our predictions additional dynamism and indicates a stronger luck of an event's come across. Despite the fact that, we never say that it is stamped in treasure. You everlastingly exert options and it is up to you to accept and change your own destiny! We restraint that we are "Keep on at Potter Mature Two!" But contest consistently theorize us to wave a magic wand and do the conclude thrilling for them, or contribute them an protect line of attack that what they dearth spur passage passion a guarantee. No psychic can do that.

We fair-minded wrote a book called Clairvoyant Good sense that spur homily this very mesmeric ask, and various others. This new book may be revealed for pre-order as early as October 2010! Impede tuned for updates.

Wishing you all a vivid and safe traverse... and we'll see you in the superior.

Terry and LindaThe Clairvoyant Twins