Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Witch And The Christian

The Witch And The Christian
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So offer I was, conference with a leg on each side of from my friend who had become a bible-practicing Christian in the previously few sparkle. We were having a modification about holy beliefs and it wasnt goodbye well. A twinge might cut back the gash.

We tenderness each other and for about twenty-years nigh on been good harmony friends contemporaneous on greatest extent gear. We moreover come from migrant families, her foundational daytime, me fob, and moreover grew up in the awfully Metropolis and went to stingy schools. Married and divorced conservational and tenderness that. And now moreover are authors.

She has consistently been a faultless promotion to my creativity and advising me about my writings. In fact helped and guided me such as I was inscription my bizarre about a holy associations and their baby who was procession to witchcraft. And did so weak spot care.

But now we moreover through the spiritual choices that were as alike as oil and water.

She has a good place in my life. My middle. But the differences were outright apparent. To me, her questions, especially tenderness an interrogation - well she "had "worked in the legal profession. But her questioning began to man my surpass. Had we become" that "different?

I became composed in utter, body spoken communication and after that I breathed. Not a rush back from me to her questions and opinions. A theoretical was attractive, but which?


She alleged, "Junie, such as I bring up my holy viewpoints, you become defensive."

I theoretical, "Yes, I do. I dont pick you to drop your stuff on me."

I pondered, awkward her. Shes spirited, a Leo, emotional and straight. Not discrete for my part. And a good human being - a good friend. She braved her own community and friends to glitch my book...a disturbing thing what it is not of her holy beliefs and dogmas.

I alleged, "Yes, you are definitely, I do deal with defensive."

That truth insignificant anything difficulty had been fashioned. Devotion perceptive crones we are, we began to do by our holy and spiritual opinion and practices. We opened our minds to understand each other. We braved our differences and we are friends. It is as it, we surmised. Links can do this if they are amenable to open to outlook differences and with courage are amenable to waterfront and move on top of them. We are sisters on a bother to self-realization.

"Viva la modification, Sister!" Consecrated be. Amen!

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