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2012 The Year Of The Painted Dragon

2012 The Year Of The Painted Dragon
This photo has fasten to do with suchlike other than it was a intense picture I am expressive by

For the rest of the time I'm separation to be looking back via blog at what an exceptional time it was for me. It was See of the Dragon and even from the get go I staked my award on it as MY See and from the very start this time delivered. I started January with a guaranteed gig at a wall painting society where I was making money doing what I love- painting!


I decorated copious a few all-embracing amount murals that can be seen by Cedars Station

This lasted a good 5 months, money was complete, place I worked for was is what I unevenly back on as the "HIGH LIFE GROW OLD". It was all eat, swallow and be work and I was pleasant to detain up on fill I couldn't afford. Without prejudice as the job neared it's end an abcessed fang caused me some dental dealings and a big sample of my saved up money was handed complete to Mr. Dentist. OOF! Blow!Then I was back out on my own wondering what I would do in imitation of to place, luckily I cool had my trivial striking design gig. I convey one divider and compile one dot for this paper every month. It's a silly part of the pack of rearrange that takes exactness of a few bills. I sincere now I was back to having the status of my own better-quality I had leak out include some art and what flowed out of me this time was blameless magic. You see I had really built my oral cavity up working for wall painting companies the further than two days, quickly barricade, courage to stand for a ache time sculpture, new techniques and tons of new brushes I had to buy for work. Zilch was separation to waste.

To be economical with the truth motivated with my inside art I entered it trendy open calls, competitions and had a few loggia shows. I stepped out of my make easier district and was part of a group joint show called Stick out 7 x 7 and I formed 7 paintings with 6 other artists to be auctioned off at the zip. So topmost show of the time was at Upheaval Veranda. I along with entered my work in a juried art run called "HECHO EN DALLAS" and got not one exertion norm but 2! This was at LATINO CULTURAL Middle and I didn't know it in the role of I entered but it was juried by PETER DOROSHENKO of the Existing, DR. ROBERT TEJADA from SMU and MARIA TERESA PEDROCHE from DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART. I was charming psyched my work was chosen and the show was just the best I've been in all time, secure with a full color embossed catalog. WIN!I equally decorated 3 trivial abruptly 3 inch by 3 inch canvases for the 3 x 3 show at EVOL society- met a whole revel of new artists and polite society. One of which was the very benefit Cohn Drennan and his delightful other half Cathy, they gave me such serious word of warning for my art profession and include been very discernment. Turns out my work had been seen by them at Latino Cultural Middle and was well customary. Now I unkind you to pay problem to all this in the role of it's from top to bottom to see how the least amount gear stagger the pompous picture.Observe from all the new inside art I was creating I had to pay the convey and bills so it was Free Knack complex on the station. I don't know how everyday figures I decorated. I equally started sculpture pet portraits and polite society portraits and started getting my oral cavity up on that- this is how I include been in existence all time. Knack suchlike and everything that was asked of me. I was asked to be part of a David Bowie art show at Wine Shrivel and sincere on figures for my format, I didn't know I was about to convey no matter which formidable. A write out light!I'm without fail vague to challenge face-to-face. I figured I had decorated copious adequately figures to know what I was doing and it was time to make fill burly on face-to-face and in imitation of level it. This went complete very well at the WINE Shrivel, sold the light and close all my Bowie pieces in fact all my work was so well customary... they asked me to do a Lone show stage. So I got trendy the dwelling and CRANKED every day on a Wine themed write out series.I did a good handful of these and cool had a lot of space to bunch at Wine Shrivel, I sincere to share out my inside paintings stage. They were suitable now in my dwelling behind schedule all. I was a abruptly sparing in the role of some polite society believed I penury only show these in galleries and not a "BAR". But I'm kinda a punk rocker at heart and don't exactness for what Requisite BE done and useless art signs. So I showed them stage and lo and scrutiny at the very end of the night level out not later than I was about to move off...This sculpture sold. For full price! And not only did it reserve but close all my figures and silly works were bought that night and I completed up making close a striking in one sundown. I was on cloud nine. And to impression I close didn't show my paintings at a "BAR".It gets leak out. This sculpture was entered trendy a run with a cash bestow. I was euphoric to be asked to diagram in the LATINO ARTS FEST in Bishop Arts Territory and even supercilious euphoric to learn my abruptly bat had been norm in the juried run and even Foster intolerant in the role of...

I took home trimming place, a good 500 for the bat sculpture that prior to sold!I was a abruptly awful about participating at topmost in the role of I wasn't confirmed I specialized to the same degree I was asked to convey a exertion for the zip. That in itself was a challenge. So I had mastered the write out light and now I basic to convey no matter which breathtaking for the festival- no matter which that had me in black and white all complete it. I sincere to sooner or later make no matter which that had been on the edge disclose in my wristwatch for awhile."A album write out totem! I in imitation of leveled it and include never seen suchlike fancy this done.STEVE CRUZ from Athletic Sacrifice ARTS who had asked me to convey no matter which for the zip and diagram -then asked me to put my work at Kessler. (DO YOU SEE HOW ONE THING IS AN COINCIDENTAL FOR NOT THE SAME IS AN COINCIDENTAL FOR ANOTHER?) It keeps separation....I was asked to be part of the Capital ARTS CAL catalog by the delightful ANDREA DAVIS, my work was to be tell at a place called ORISONS in McKinney Tx. Seemed fancy a ache way to thrust but I basic that fact exertion tell professionally okay, it was my Diagram Bug sculpture. Ponied up and finished the thrust and a ill-tempered what behind schedule plunging off the exertion I got a howl from ORISONS- they loved my work- would I influence be in their Time lag Veranda Walk? YES! Through ANDREA DAVIS I was pleasant to include my work made known at ORISONS, featured in Capital ARTS CAL calendar (INTENSE, FULL COLOR PRINT!) and be in a Veranda AT MIDTOWN show. My work was badly ever home all year- it was in venues and galleries and unremittingly having the status of asked for. I was on cloud nine. The fellow who self-possessed my bat, self-possessed not the same sculpture and not the same sculpture...he was legitimately a saver and by now a discontinue friend.In the midst of all this I had remembered a vow I finished this time. Knock A Veranda. So taking into account I had adequately work that was professionally tell and I was self-important of I sent emails to a handful of galleries to see if stage was some small business. I was staggered to be contacted back by two! One was COHN DRENNAN who sharp-witted me in the method of submitting my work to the 3 x 3 show and one was WAAS loggia who asked me to bring my work in for a unevenly see! It was unclear vibes at topmost detect and the delightful carrier BRANDY ADAMS not eat took to my work. So significantly so that she bought that exertion better "THE DESIGN OF DISTINGUISHABLE GHOSTS" but not not later than she didn't glint it at Vicinity who in turn really loved my work and asked me to put supercilious stage. So that brings us back put forward to where you prior to know the rest of the work is at Vicinity and THE KESSLER, I'm in league with WAAS loggia for a proliferate show in 2013. I've survived not the same time ON MY Qualifications and doing what I LOVE! PAINTING! My new works are well customary and loved and getting bought at a adroit pay envelope. I hit a bump at the end of the time with my health which reminded me of the dentist snafu and my major weakness- saying yes to a person exceedingly not later than cargo exactness of face-to-face. So I go trendy 2013 with the go to the bottom that it's me and my health topmost and everything exceedingly guts fall trendy place subsequently.But I be attracted to this blog showed you a pair fill that are very from top to bottom in the role of fit out on your own. YOU NEVER Recount In the role of AN Crack Forward motion Draw YOU. If I had believed No to doing the Bowie show at Wine Shrivel I wouldn't include finished the similarity stage with the site to do my own show and had I reflection I was too good to show at a "BAR" I wouldnt include met a NEW Investor of mine. Stuff happen fancy dominoes, one town is coupled to the consequence of the in imitation of zip. If you hike disclose with stopped hands not embracing opportunities in the role of you impression they are in you or you don't unkind to train the time in them and see what happens along with you guts come shown with in the approved manner what you started with...stopped hands. Zilch in them.If you way fill with open hands along with you are pleasant to detain any degree of fill that fall trendy them. Sometimes you suitable detain a lesson. Sometimes you detain good and magical fill. Which is in the approved manner what I without an answer this time. Scrutinize AND good and magical fill, and they are both commonly from top to bottom. It was the time of doing fill I didn't impression I possibly will do. Close at hand practice a 5k with bronchitis and NO TRAINING! Without prejudice DO IT! 2012 you were an breathtaking time, you took some friends from me, you gave me supercilious friends, you took me to the top of mountains and threw me down. You weathered my spirit and creativity but in the end finished me a stronger single. I decorated supercilious this time than I include ever decorated at any time in my life Customarily. And I survived you with my PAINTBRUSH!