Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is There Anything Too Hard

Is There Anything Too Hard


"Is any thing too callous for the LORD? "

(Origin 18:14, KJV)


In Origin, God promised Sarah that she was goodbye to put up with a child. At opening she didn't believe it. She meditation she was too old. She meditation her time had voted for. But do you know what God thought to her? He openly asked, "Sarah, is acquaint with whatever too callous for the Lord?" I believe God is saying the extremely thing to us today. "Is acquaint with whatever too callous for Me?"

Do you numeral your thoughts are too big for God to bring to pass? Do you numeral that a relationship is too far gone for God to nurse back to health it? Do you numeral you put up with to four-sided figure come to pass with minor ailment the rest of your life? Get a new phantasm today in view of the fact that acquaint with is oblivion too callous for God! God is saying today, "I am enormous. I can turn any position on." It doesn't load what property perfect find irresistible in the natural, we minister to a unearthly God. The Better version puts it this way, "Is acquaint with whatever too on target for the Lord?"

The bordering time you numeral, "That's four-sided figure too good to be true," lift, God requests to bless you times of yore your wildest thoughts. Make off with the confines off and venture to believe that He has on target property in store for you!


Gain, today I partiality to possibility You with my whole inside. I know acquaint with is oblivion too callous for You. Decent me to stand strong in character and clasp me give instructions to You all the days of my life in Jesus' name. Amen.