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Changing God Name

Changing God Name
The Doctrines of Dominionism: Part 8

"It is time that Christians tame the an assortment of in good health names of the One Initiator God in subject languages moderately of dropping in the sphere of Satan's temptation and destroying them. We requirement rescue live in names and immerse the compost of duplicity off of them moderately of part them up to Satan. We must cast off the duplicity that Satan has baffled on the an assortment of in good health names of God in subject languages....

"More willingly of destroying and ridiculing the subject names of the Initiator God, we requirement help stockpile them as a gift for these high society. It is their gift of God's unwavering a little something, answer and harshness for their culture and people!

"Christians requirement sojourn in lieu of Jesus as the Son of the bizarre God of a bizarre high society, especially if these foreigners had never outdated firm for nor had any answer in the lives or culture of the make somewhere your home. God lovingly formed them in the beginning never vanished them sans a past performance and, in his eminent love for them, even sent His free begotten Son, Jesus, to die for them!"

[Daniel Kikawa, Perpetuated in Truthfulness, 4th story, p. 27,

cited in Idolatry In Their Hearts by Covered in dust Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer]

The on figure is an shape of the highest unbearable new heresy to come out of the "redeeming cultures" propensity. This cessation heresy is a determined theme of the new book Idolatry In Their Hearts by missionaries Covered in dust Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer. It illustrates the size to which Scripture and history are living thing re-written to family a new workforce of ethics for a new conglomerate church age. In this cessation plaster represent is a multi-pronged offensive going on against the biblical names for God which not free greatly erodes the Scriptural floor, but actually replaces block and skeleton with pagan idols!

The authors account for the fine of this heresy from their personage statement rim as missionaries to the Placatory Islanders wherever this has come in equate a flood:

"If you grasp not read Daniel Kikawa's Perpetuated in Righteouness it may be thick-skinned to be familiar with the whole concept or the poles apart names used or cited....

"Kikawa presents to us in his book the concept that the Hawaiians immersed an restore belief in God, equate the Jews and/or Christians, sans it living thing revealed to them by New Gravestone revelation! His presumption is that for example the make somewhere your home traveled from Polynesia and landed in Hawaii they actually worshipped the true God sincerely until bizarre gods were introduced from Tahiti that corrupted their blunt worship. Categorical priests are held to grasp continued to worship the true God and yet they also led and allowed the high society to practice idolatry." (p. 87)

Simpson and Oppenheimer after that answer Kikawa's basic presumption -- that the Hawaiians knew God from the gospel in the stars. And that one way or another the Hawaiian high society worshipped the dreadfully God as the biblical God on account of some peculiarly revised history and untrue ancestry; and that hence the name of God can be substituted with the name of a god "'Io" who supposedly was a without equal come to grief god in the Islands' pantheon. And that hence the biblical God can be worshipped using this other god's name. And it gets hand down....

Kikawa's book may perhaps grasp remained curtain but for the promotional help of John Dawson from YWAM and Don Richardson (author of Eternity In Their Hearts which started this whole propensity), who, despite the fact that he was contacted by these authors about the untrue history, officer Kikawa's next story. Commenting on Kikawa's quote at the top of this post, Simpson and Oppenhemer wrote:

Is this what the apostle Paul did? Did he say the Greek's Zeus had a son, or Odin had a son or any of the gods of the nations he brought the gospel to, had a son, who is their Savior? To the same extent Kikawa is teaching is cross-cultural syncretism with other gods as a way to evangelize them--the very thing God warned us not to do....

Deut. 6:14: 'You shall not go when other gods of the peoples who are all cry you.'

These are other elohim (gods), not Yahweh Elohim. It is not love or truth to foresee them their god had a son, but plot, for example it is a lie. It is inclination the God of the Bible out of the ordinary god. Obligation Christians appropriate all the cultures as shared in their devoted practices? The Bible repeats better and better, from the beginning, represent is no God equate YHWH. He forlorn is God, which is in take the helm contradistinction to the gods of the nations (Deut. 12:2). The true God held they were not Himself:

Joshua 23:7: 'You shall not make mention of the names of their gods'

Why To the same extent they were mock gods. The incentive of worshipping other gods was too eminent at period. The gods of the nations, in ancient period, were not the dreadfully as the God of the Bible. God, Yahweh Elohim of the Bible, individually took a only one of its kind woman (Abram) and ended a nation from him in the middle of all nations....

It requirement be straighten that Zeus, Ra, Krishna or any other ancient without equal living thing is not YHWH, the God of the Bible. This is basically for example of their on a par character and accomplishments, and highest dangerously for example God Himself says so.... Abandoned by dropping the God of the Bible to the lowest amount set denominator--calling Him the without equal God better tradition and ignoring other contradictory details--can they find equality to these ancient stories. (pp. 130-131)

Simpson and Oppenheimer undertake an totality chapter ("Blond Calf Evangelism," 10) to what is called "extensive evangelism," i.e., "referring to interior gods as the true God with on a par names" (p. 168). Oppenheimer wrote:

I recently heard a series of programs with Daniel Kikawa living thing interviewed by Danny Lehmann leader of YWAM in Hawaii (who is on YWAM's governing board) on the inland Christian radio announce. To the same extent I heard was overly frightening, difficult and some of it was classification heresy. The pronouncement was watery -- foresee high society they can clasp their without equal god's name, in their culture, and add Jesus in the sphere of the equation" (p. 168)....

This is the rummage for [Kikawa's] evangelism--telling high society their god[s] (of their nation, culture or people) had a son and that their god's son (of their nation) is Jesus Christ. (p. 169)

Organize are an assortment of so-called evangelists advancing a synthesis gospel, which consists of an extensive pronouncement. Kikawa has now stretched out his concept of 'Io of the Hawaiian high society living thing the true God (the dreadfully as the God of Israel). Now he applies it to the cultures/nations of the world. This shows me how far airy-fairy he is from a Biblical worldview. This gospel formula of inclusivism has no boundaries and can be ended to fit self or anything. It turns in the sphere of a custom-made universalist view of nations." (p. 173)

To the same extent Kikawa has done is try to grasp the Minster appropriate bizarre gods as the true one, constructing a hybrid form of Christianity." (p. 192)

By addendum Jesus to these religions' god[s] you grasp stepped in the sphere of assumption of a universalist view of God." (p. 193)

One of the niftiest environment of Simpson and Oppenheimer's book Idolatry In Their Hearts is that it proves to be an remorseful work that refutes these not fully formed heresies. As the authors commentary faraway about the parody of the inexperience of the Gospel of champion within the Isle culture, they also comprehensively story the true Biblical story, which very effectually refutes these heresies. The white bug that ancient Israel had with the co-mingling of pagan deities and worship systems is living thing re-energized in our era. And Scripture speaks to it. Wearing is a abstain experimental of the puff up apologetics in this book:

The name (YHWH) Yahweh was used better 6,000 period in the Hebrew Old Gravestone. It is myriad that God would allow His high society to phone upon Him by out of the ordinary culture's god's name (as He knows that it is not Him) and make experience it is Him. The Gentile nations named their own gods. God did not reveal Himself to them. The name is not right if the name is not revealed by God to man, for God's Name reveals Who He is in His character and quality.

Exod. 20:3-5: 'You shall grasp no other gods or else Me.'

God ascribed the nations had other gods. If what Kikawa is saying is true, after that we can lob out the whole Old Gravestone, escape it ever happened.

Deut. 4:39: 'that the Noble Himself is God in heaven on and on the earth beneath; represent is no other,'

Deut 5:7: 'You shall grasp no other gods or else Me.'

Exod. 18:11: all the rage I know that the Noble is senior than all the gods'

Jer. 22:9: after that they order swindle, for example they grasp hopeless the do business of the Noble their God, and worshiped other gods and served them.'

Spar. 23:3: 'You grasp seen all that the Noble your God has done to all these nations for example of you, for the Noble your God is He who has fought for you.'

In nature, God did not fantasy these without equal gods were specifically on a par names for Himself. God even died out a quantity of these nations that Kikawa would find had without equal beings. Not specifically any god that is called without equal or the highest high can be satisfactory, but free the One that actually is.... God revealed Himself to Moses in the radiating flowering shrub.

God held to Moses, 'I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites; "I am has sent me to you."' (Exod. 3:14). 'I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty, but by My name, Noble, I was not recognizable to them' (Exod. 6:3)

This is decisive. To the same extent He is saying is that represent was an informality in alliance that they did not grasp or else that is now living thing ended recognizable to Moses and to Israel by His Name. The Name 'I AM' expresses the fact that He is the colossal and relaxed God that is the Alpha and Omega. The use of the name Yahweh would be in excerpt to the interior do business in the sphere of which He was about to catalog with Israel (Exodus 6:7)

Exod. 6:1-9) 'I order receive you to Me for a high society, and I order be your God.'

He is going to great His promises special to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He would be recognizable as the God of Israel that delivered them with power, who provides for them and has a alliance with them equate no other nation or culture enjoyed. Every time Moses wrote down the story special to him, he did not commentary God Almighty but Yahweh-Elohim, the self-existing One that order do whatever is obligatory. The beat time Moses uses this name in Scripture is in Gen. 2:4:

"This is the history of the heaven and earth for example they were formed in the day for example the Noble God ended the earth and the proclaim.'

This makes the rim that it is this God who ended the proclaim and the earth, Israel's God, not the other gods of the nations. Organize is no other God in history that was ever deliberate to be the dreadfully God that chose Israel and sent the Messiah. (p. 215-216)

The Truth:

"For all high society order tempo every one in the name of his god, and we order tempo in the name of the Noble our God for ever and ever." (Micah 4:5)