Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yule Festival

Yule Festival Cover Yule: A twelve day festival beginning around the winter solstice. The twelve days of Yule were considered intercalendary, belonging to no year. The end of them marked the new year. The first night of Yule is Mothernight, and is given to the worship of the disir. Presents are given. As the longest night of the year a vigil is kept from sunset to sunrise. During it the Yule log (or at least a Yule candle) is kept burning. Thus the light of the sun is sympathetically kept alive through the darkest part of the year. This log or candle should be saved, and next year's log or candle should be lit from it. The Wild Hunt is particularly abroad at this time, and celebrants might listen for it. If it is far away a good year is coming, if it is near there will be hardship or death. It is particularly important that all gods be pledged on this day. A hog is sacrificed to Frey, or at least a hog-shaped loaf of bread. Oaths are sworn on the bristles of the boar, in Frey's name, boasts of deeds that are to be done in the upcoming year. Places are set at table for the ancestors, and beds are made for them. The dead are welcomed, and are as much a part of the festivities as the living. In some places an old wheel is tied with straw, taken to the top of a hill or mountain, set afire, and rolled down the hill. This is a form of scapegoating, and it carries all the bad orlog of the village away with it. Divinations for the coming year are also done at this time. No spinning may be done for the twelve days. In some places no work of any kind was done for these twelve days, to allow the earth to rest as well as the people. There were taboos known that prohibited the turning of wheels during this time as well.

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