Sunday, September 3, 2006

Shamanism Defined

Shamanism Defined Cover Shamans are the keepers of ancient techniques used in healing. They are often referred to as ‘witch doctors’ by societies that don’t understand them. Shamanism requires the desire to lift all restrictions from oneself, time, space, and fear, are a few of the restriction that usually hold humans to this Earth and Existence.

It is important to mention that Shamans don’t refer to themselves as such; the title is a label attached to them by others. Shamans are healers, energy workers, elders, and guides among other things. Labeling oneself as a Shaman would be to assume a title and thus separateness from the oneness that is everything; that would go against the basic philosophy of their beliefs.

Shapeshifting is a practice used by Shamans for many things including healing, it is knowing and acknowledging your oneness with everything else. It is not easily learned and definitely requires a teacher and supervised guidance. It also requires much dedication and years of work.

Shamanism and shapeshifting is about recognizing our true oneness with everything else. Separateness is an illusion. When one shapeshifts into what we call "the other", one is manifesting that philosophy of oneness on a physical plane. Along with that, one has to surpass and forgive hopelessness, bitterness, cynicism, anger, denial, and fear in order to find ones true soul and its connection with the oneness.

From the shamanic perspective there is no differentiation between body, mind, and spirit. Illness can be brought about by thought, unresolved emotional duress, and lowering one’s life force with the constant use of alcohol, drugs, or other poisonous substances. These intrusions that bring about illness are not evil since they don’t have their own personality; they simply believe they are at home within us and don’t like to leave. We allow these intrusions to transform us and thus to make ourselves ill. When removing intrusions one does not kill, destroy or damage them, one simply asks that they be neutralized and their power used in a more constructive way. Then one fills the voids that remain with positive Universal Energy and continues with what Shamans call “soul retrieval”. Soul retrieval is when the shaman leaves ordinary consciousness, journeying to the spirit world, and retrieves the lost soul particles.

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