Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Book Of Pagan Prayer

A Book Of Pagan Prayer Cover

Book: A Book Of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith

Pagan Prayers and MoreBilling itself as the one and only collection of prayers for Pagans of any tradition, Ceisiwr Serith's A Book of pagan Prayer includes prayers to Celtic, Egyptian, Zoroastrian and other deities. It is organized thematically, making it convenient to use if one is seeking prayers for specific occasions, seasons, times of day, meals or milestones.

In this book, the reader is taken on a tour of not only the forms of prayer, but the reasons behind them. Numerous examples are given, giving the reader the option to use those that appeal to them straight out of the book, or to write their own based upon the forms demonstrated. In a market deluged with fluffy "How To's", this book is a delightful breath of fresh air. Rather than rehashing the same tired information over again, Mr. Serith focuses on helping the reader either begin or strengthen their relationship with the divine, regardless of which deity or deities the reader feels drawn to. Groundbreaking, and an easy and enjoyable read to boot.

No matter what manner of Pagan you are, you will be pleased by this little book. Its handy size, tasteful dark green cover and easy-to-read typeface makes it a pleasure to hold and read. When you get through admiring the outside of the book, there are many treasures inside. There is a thorough discussion on the topic of prayer, why we pray, who we pray to, and how to compose a good prayer. Even if you think there is nothing new that can be said about the subject of prayer, you will think differently when you read this book. A Book of Pagan Prayer also contains a wealth of prayers suitable for many different occasions and events, beautifully and thoughtfully written. The best thing about the book, however, is that it will inspire you to compose some prayers of your own, and use them in your own worship and rituals. Dare I call this book an instant classic? I think I dare! You will enjoy the author's intelligent and gentle style throughout the prayer book. Spontaneous prayer is admirable, but a well-composed written prayer has goodness too, as this small book will teach you. Get two, so you will have one to give away.

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